Thursday, November 13, 2014

King Tutankhamun

Sketch of King Tut 
Sketched on toned 8.5X11 paper
Pentel 5.0 mechanical pencil, & 01 Micron pen with brown ink
I tone my paper with watercolor. I fill a spray bottle up with a mixture of water and watercolor. I normally mix Raw Sienna, and Ivory Black. Sometimes I'll use Raw Umber. Its mostly water with just a little bit of pigment. I use regular computer paper, and its does wrinkle a bit. I also spray the sketch after Im done drawing, and it colors the pencil just a little bit. Its fun to experiment with.


artbymj said...

Found your website from a rec from your mom on a FB art teacher site...what a delight! You are truly blessed by God with a beautiful talent and I'm so happy I got to spend time enjoying your art this morning.

Jason Peck said...

Hi ArtbyMJ,

Thank you, Im really happy you enjoy my art. Im also thankful that my mom encouraged me to keep drawing when I was a child.