Friday, August 1, 2014

My Story on Jerry's Artarama

Read my story on Jerry's Artarama
Thanks Jerry's Artarama for sharing my story and my Adventures as an Artist!


Sandra Reeves Cutrer said...

So glad to read your story,Jason. My great-niece was recently diagnosed with dermatomyositis. Since she is only seven years old, they are giving her chemo shots in her stomach for the next two years. We are praying it works for her. I love your work, and am an artist myself with several health issues. My art is my time to forget everything and enjoy creating! Thank you for adding beauty to the world!

Jason Peck said...

Hey Sandra,

Thank you, and I hope those chemo shots help your great-niece. Ill keep her in my prayers. God Bless and keep on painting.

Sincerely, Jason Peck