Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Continuing On

Hey Guys,

       Here's an update to my previous post. I thought today I would show you a shot of my palette, its a bit messy but this is how I mix color. I normally mix up a big pool of paint, that's warm on one side, and cool on the other. . I like to mix up a quick drying warm dark, and a cool dark. I then lighten both with white in a sort of haphazard value scale. My warm dark is a mixture of Burnt Sienna, a small amount of Raw Umber, and French Ultramarine Blue. My Cool mixture consist of the same colors, except I use more Blue and less Burnt Sienna. Note: The Raw Umber is only necessary if your concerned about drying time. If you want your paint to dry slower, leave the Raw Umber out of your mixture. Another fast drying dark I sometimes mix up consist of Burnt Sienna, and Cobalt Blue. Cobalt Blue dries almost as fast as Raw Umber, however Raw Umber is King when it comes to fast drying oil paint.

 The colors on my palette are:

1. Cremnitz White - Old Holland - or sometimes Titanium White
2. Cad.Yellow Medium
3. Yellow Ochre Pale
4. Cad. Orange
5. Cad. Red
6. Alizarin Crimson Permanent or sometimes Permanent Rose
7. Burnt Sienna - Winsor & Newton's * PR101
8. Raw Umber
9. French Ultramarine Blue
10. Cobalt Blue
11. Viridian
12. Ivory Black

Ive made a little progress with this still life, however its nowhere near finished. At this point I'm slowing way down, and I'm being very careful not to loose any of my drawing.

Did you know that Crows are smarter than Owls? WHOOOOO knew, lol. I can hear the hooots already, more to come so stay tuned. 

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