Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mary Bust

Here is the start of my next painting. My still life is normally to the right of my easel. On some occasions Ill move it to the left side.

 I started my drawing directly on the canvas with a piece of charcoal. Here is a picture of my charcoal tool. 
To make a charcoal holder, just save your fast food drink straws. I like Sonic's straws the best. The charcoal is held in the straw by friction. If your charcoal is loose, just wrap some blue painters tape around it until you get a good tight fit. I slide a Robert Simmons Signet size 0 round in the other end. You'll need to wrap some blue tape around the tail of the brush first so that it wont wobble around inside the straw. This serves two purposes; First, it gives you a very rigid tool, and second its your eraser. I also recommend a kneaded eraser. The length of the tool and its straight edge, give you a perfect sight size drawing tool.

My blockin is very loose, but I am still careful with my drawing. So far I'm only using Gamsol to thin the paint. 
 A close up shows how thin the paint is, at this stage. 
 More to come soon.

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