Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Almost Done!

Hey Guys,

      This portrait is almost done. I still have to make one last pass over the whole thing, and make a few adjustments to my drawing. I found a few mistakes in my drawing as I painted certain areas. Some of my measurements were slightly off. Good learning experience though.

The one below is furthest along.
 More to come soon. Ill be sure and post the finished painting as soon as its complete.


Katt Leeds said...

Stunning! Thank you for showing us the whole process. Your work is so inspiring!

P.S. Bouguereau is my favorite artist ever. ^_^ I'm sure he'd be honored by your beautiful portrait.

Jason Peck said...

Hi Katt,

Thank you so much, and yay! you guessed right,its Bouguereau, my favorite artist as well!

Im just about done with the last pass, so Ill be posting the finished painting soon. I may go get a frame for it today.

I still have to adjust some of the values in his suite, and finish his hands.

Its always exciting to finish a painting, so I can start something new.

Jason Peck said...


one more thing, I just checked out your blog, and your work is awesome, and inspiring to! Your paintings and drawings are really Beautiful!