Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone, and a Happy New Year to all you artist, paint well.

Check it out, Im on Artist Daily's Home page as the Featured Artist of the Month! Cool way to start the year off!

My Bed,
Oil on Linen, 8X10

Painted on a night I was having trouble sleeping, around 2 in the morning. I used Lots of Raw Umber in my mixtures, so the paint would dry fast.


Katherine Thomas said...

Well they always say, 'paint what you know'... and if you can't sleep, that rumpled bed becomes pretty familiar. I know that feeling! It's a really good painting. I like how you did all the folds in the fabrics. The portrait is great too, it tells a strong story. Nice work! Happy New Year!

Jason Peck said...

Hey Katherine,

Thank you, and Happy New Year to you to! I really enjoyed your post on underpaintings. Love the work your doing. Your pencil work is beautiful.

Also, your right,painting what you know goes along way. Its what made the old masters great. They painted their daily surroundings.

Paint Well, and Happy New Year!

Steele501 said...

Great work Jason. I'm glad to see all is well and that you're getting nice recognition for your talent.

Jason Peck said...

Hey Daniel,

Thank you, How have you been, its great to hear from you. Ill have to paint something for you one of these days. Have you been painting anything lately? Hope you have a great New Year!

Best, Jason