Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Limited Palette

Study of a Bouguereau study. Oil on palette paper. This is just straight paint thinned with Gamsol.

1. Titanium White________W&N
2. Cadmium Yellow Medium_Gamblin
3. Cadmium Red Light_____Gamblin
4. Ivory Black___________W&N

This is to show the wide range of colors you can mix from such a limited palette.


Oil Painting Workshop said...

The woman looks great! Thanks for sharing this!

Jason Peck said...

Thank you

Michael said...

I was once tasked with painting a 3-D foam sculpture using Napthol Red, Cobalt Blue and Cadmium Yellow. I was astounded how easily they made the grange of colors I needed. Thanks so much for sharing this!

Jason Peck said...

Hi Michael,

Your right, those three colors work great together. Ive used a similar palette in the past.

Another great palette, (a warm and cool palette) is Titanium white, Cadmium Orange, and Cobalt Blue. Those three pigments make music together.

All the best, Jason

Anonymous said...


I found your blog through a comment on using viridian as a base for painting veins on Gurney Journey. I never knew about that, so thanks for passing along the information. Your blog is also a fascinating journey. This post on the flexibility of a limited palette in use is most helpful. Thank youl



Jason Peck said...

Hey Nanina,

Thanks for checking out my blog, I just looked at your blog, and your watercolors are very beautiful. Im glad you found this post to be informative. I love to share what I know.

Best, Jason