Sunday, April 3, 2011

Owl Done!

The Owl & the Chair
11X14, Oil on Linen
Close Up of the Owl and the Chair
Owl Detail
Chair Detail


Michael Oxley said...

Beautiful! I'm impressed at how you captured what looks like two light sources (told by the darker and lighter shadows). I'm making a mental note to pay attention to this in my own work, now. Thank you for sharing this piece!

Jason Peck said...

Hey Thanks Michael,

You are correct about the lights. I painted this in the evening, so I had a lamp light directly on the owl and the chair, but my overhead light also influenced the shadows.

Tricia said...

Love it! I'm checking it out through your link on James Gureny's blog.

Jason Peck said...

Hey Tricia, Thank you, I love Ivory Black. All of the greens are mixed with white, yellow ochre pale, and Ivory Black.

Marque Todd said...

Really nice! Thanks for sharing how you use black. I really like the greens you made with it. I use Payne's Gray alot too. It is like a blue-black and much more lively than other blacks straight out of the tube.

Jason Peck said...

Hey Marque,

Thank you. Ive used Payne's Grey in the past. I used to use it allot in my watercolors. Now I just use Ivory Black and love it. I think of it as the darkest blue on my palette, and not really as black.